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DLL injection/ejection command-line utility.

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Inject any DLL into any running process with ease! Injector is a command line tool abstracting the messy injection process away from you. It can't be more simple:

Injector.exe --process-name notepad.exe --inject C:\Temp\myHooks.dll C:\Temp\myOverlay.dll

You may use it in you post-build events in Visual Studio to save time and take away complexity of code by "outsourcing" the injection process. You may of course use it for any othe scenario which comes on your mind. Check out the possible command line arguments:

  • -n|--process-name identifies the target process by its module name
  • -w|--window-name identifies the target process by its main windows name
  • -p|--process-id identifies the target process by its PID
  • -i|--inject or -e|--eject specifies the action to perform (inject or eject the DLL)

Then simply append one or more absolute (or relative) path(s) of the DLL to be in-/ejected.

Invoke Injector.exe -h for help.


Many thanks to Joshua "Cypher" Boyce who initially wrote the injection-classes and shared them with the world.

Argh! by Adi Shavit is used to parse the command-line arguments.


Head over to Releases to download x86 and x64 binaries.


Latest automated builds end up here; might contain bugs, use with care 😉