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Releases: nefarius/ScpToolkit

ScpToolkit v1.7.277.16103-BETA

12 Apr 16:28
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Stuff fixed:

ScpToolkit v1.7.276.16101-BETA

10 Apr 17:56
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First things first; this release breaks compatibility with older ones, please follow these instructions of you upgrade:

  1. Make sure the ScpToolkit Clean Wipe Utility is selected in the setup:
  2. Don't run the Driver Installer at the end of the setup, finish instead:
  3. Launch the ScpToolkit Clean Wipe Utility and hit the button:
  4. Fire up the ScpToolkit Driver Installer afterwards and follow its instructions.

Now, for the stuff fixed:

  • Every issue linked in this milestone
  • Switched back from libusbK to WinUSB driver
  • Added customized and signed WinUSB driver
  • Updated ScpVBus.sys driver
  • Signed everything
  • Can't remember
  • Disabled update notification if no new version was found

ScpToolkit v1.6.238.16010

10 Jan 13:06
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Stuff changed:

  • Fixed issue #140
  • Removed misleading error message when disconnecting a pad

ScpToolkit v1.6.237.16008

09 Jan 10:25
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First-of-2016-release :)

Stuff changed:

  • Added automatic updater

  • Fixed some issues where controller inputs won't get forwarded properly
  • Added more error handling and logging in bus driver communication
  • Fixed some issues in experimental Profiler where profiles wouldn't get loaded properly
  • Updated 3rd party libraries to latest versions
  • Added switch to Settings Manager to toggle between synchronous and asynchronous HID Report processing

ScpToolkit v1.6.229.15365

31 Dec 09:50
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Last-of-this-year-edition :)

Changes include:

  • Added settings switch for skipping occupied XInput slots
  • Added settings switch for fully unplugging the virtual Xbox 360 controller device
  • Added settings switch for disabling VBus events (for testing purposes only)
  • Fixed some thread synchronization issues
  • Added startup exception logging for Driver Installer
  • Simplified XInput1_3.dll configuration and loading for PCSX2
  • Fixed typos in Driver Installer
  • Increased ScpMonitor main window width to display re-arranged lines
  • Re-implemented driver guard
  • Re-implemented storing profiles using an embedded NoSQL database
  • Increased speed of connecting controllers via Bluetooth
  • Disabled Service check box in driver installer since it's an essential core component
  • Some minor code clean-up and refactoring type names
  • Implemented TaskQueue to speed up HID report parsing
  • Fixed Tray App Windows visibility in Windows Task Switcher
  • Added service start command to setup when finished installing
  • Replaced ScpTimer with Rx pattern
  • Fixed locking wrong object in Rumble methods (both DS3 and DS4)
  • Fixed DS4 light bar colors and animation displaying only white when charging

ScpToolkit v1.6.212.15353-BETA

19 Dec 14:32
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Added time measurement to Service startup.

ScpToolkit v1.6.208.15353-BETA

19 Dec 13:04
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This experimental release attempts to fix startup issues with the Windows Service.

ScpToolkit v1.6.206.15349

15 Dec 23:07
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Stuff changed:

  • Fixed a crash caused if Profiles directory doesn't exist
  • Fixed MAC address display notation

ScpToolkit v1.6.204.15348

14 Dec 15:00
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Stuff fixed:

  • Fixed a bug in random MAC address generator causing a crash

ScpToolkit v1.6.202.15347

13 Dec 22:39
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Stuff changed:

  • Fixed driver installer creating driver path accidentally on the current users Desktop instead the application directory
  • Added more error handling to catch dodgy USB connections
  • Removed some old test code
  • Changed driver installer to match devices with their full Device ID instead of just Vendor ID and Product ID
  • Fixed axis angle calculation for PCSX2 LilyPad mod
  • Added error handling if LilyPad mod get's enabled with an empty PCSX2 installation path
  • Re-added Scp Pair tool
  • Added feature selection options to setup:

Setup Features 1

Setup Features 2