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brings a lot of UX features from notion/ion3 and more to i3. Probably the most sophisticated example of i3ipc usage ever created
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What is it?

For now this collection of modules for i3 includes:


negi3mods : application that run all modules and handle configuration of ppi3+i3 and modules on python. Also handles TOML-configs updating.


ns : named ion3-like scratchpads with a whistles and fakes.

flast : alt-tab to the previous window, not the workspace.

circle : better run-or-raise, with jump in a circle, subtags, priorities and more.

menu : menu module including i3-menu with hackish autocompletion, menu to attach window to window group(circled) or target named scratchpad(nsd) and more.

vol: contextual volume manager. Handles mpd by default. If mpd is stopped then handles mpv with mpvc if the current window is mpv, or with sending 0, 9 keys to the mpv window if not.

wm3: various stuff to emulate some 2bwm UX.

executor: module to create various terminal windows with custom config and/or tmux session handling. Supports a lot of terminal emulators.

procs to run by negi3mods as another process

There are processes, not threads, separated from the main negi3mods event loop to reach better performance or another goals.

info : module to extract info from running i3-mods via AF_INET6 socket. For example it used to send information to the polybar as current workspace or i3-binding mode because of native polybar i3-interaction tends to race condition when you try to switch workspaces backward-forward to quickly. Can be used as helper for another modules, like polybar_ws.

fs : module to disable dpms, when fullscreen mode are toggled on. Also it handles polybar show / hide to mimic ion3 default fullscreen behaviour.

procs to run from polybar

polybar_ws: async current i3 workspace printer for polybar.

polybar_vol : async MPD printer for polybar.


Modern python3 with modules:

  • i3ipc -- for i3 ipc interaction.
  • toml -- to save/load human-readable configuration files.
  • inotify -- to reload configs in realtime without reloading.
  • aionotify -- async inotify bindings
  • aiofiles -- async file input-output

To install it you may use pip:

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt --upgrade


sudo pip install --upgrade --force-reinstall inotify gevent i3ipc toml aionotify aiofiles

In case of pypy it may be something like

sudo pypy3 -m pip install --upgrade --force-reinstall inotify gevent i3ipc toml aionotify aiofiles


sudo pypy3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt --upgrade

etc. Of course you are also need pip or conda, or smth to install dependencies.

Also you need ppi3 as i3 config preprocessor.


To start daemon you need:


but I recommend you to look at my config(_config). It can start / restart automatically, because of i3 connection will be closed after i3 restart and then started by exec_always.


I recommend you to use stackless python for better performance. Nuitka / pypy / cython are not the best choise here: native python3 performance looks better on my machine.

Upd: for some reason with stackless python I've got not correct return for focused.workspace().descendents() case, maybe it's my fault, but I can't fix that. As the result the behaviour is not always corrent for now with stackless python 3.6 or 3.7, but ok with CPython 3.6.

It seems that for now pypy3 5.10.1-1 works very nice. Maybe this is because of code changes over the time.

Performance profiling

You can check measure startup performance with tools like pycallgraph.

Also you can try

kernprof -l -v ./

for the more detail function/line-based profiling. As far as I know Pypy3 is not supported yet.


It is only my attempt to port the best UX parts from ion3/notion and also improve it when possible. But if you try I may find that things, like better scratchpad or navigation very useful.


For now here can be dragons, so add bug report to github if you get problems.

Video Demonstration

Youtube (low quality): i3pluginsdemo

Vimeo (good quality): i3pluginsdemovimeo

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