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protocol incompatible #26

cemeyer2 opened this Issue April 25, 2012 · 5 comments

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cemeyer2 nega0 dorphell

when running pianobarfly, I get the following recently:

Welcome to pianobarfly (2011.11.12)! Press ? for a list of commands.
(i) Login... Error: Protocol incompatible. Please upgrade libpiano.

Has the pandora protocol changed?


Ditto, definitely something changed. Other pandora clients broke at the same time.

nega0 commented April 25, 2012

i'll wait and see what upstream is going to do about it, and pull any relevant changes in to my deb branch. if i get some free time this week i'll take a look at it myself.


@nega0 take a look here:

It appears someone from the pianobar community created a fix/workaround.

nega0 commented April 26, 2012

fixed on my "nega" branch, and the "protocol_udpate_2" branch which tracks master.

patch at

i need to clean this patch up which is why there's no pull request.


Thx nega. Works here.

nega0 nega0 closed this August 01, 2013
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