Adds plugins feature to jest for easily adding extensions.
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Jest Plugins

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Adds plugins feature to jest for easily adding extensions.

Getting Started

The full instructions for utilizing jest-plugins in your project are located here.


The Jest Plugins repo is managed as a monorepo that is composed of many npm packages.

Core Packages

Plugin Version Description
jest-plugins npm Adds the plugins feature to Jest.
jest-plugins-recommended npm Recommended set of jest plugins.

Plugin Sets

Plugin Version Description
jest-plugins-react npm Jest plugins for testing React components.
jest-plugins-rspec npm Jest plugins for RSpec syntax.


Plugin Version Description
jest-plugin-action npm Declarative method for testing actions using jest.
jest-plugin-console-matchers npm Adds console matchers to expect error, info, log, or warn.
jest-plugin-context npm Adds context as an alternative to describe for jest.
jest-plugin-for-each npm Test multiple values for a single outcome.
jest-plugin-fs npm Mock out the filesystem in your tests.
jest-plugin-it-renders npm Easily test that your React components render.
jest-plugin-its npm Adds its helper to quickly check subject properties.
jest-plugin-set npm Declaratively set your variables lazily. Implements let from RSpec.
jest-plugin-unhandled-promise npm Surfaces unhandled promise rejections in jest tests.