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Jest plugin to quickly test if a React component shallow renders properly.

Getting Started

Install jest-plugin-it-shallow-renders using yarn:

yarn add --dev jest-plugin-it-shallow-renders

NOTE: This plugin is only compatible with React version >= 16.0.0.


For almost any React component, you want to test the following rules:

  1. It renders without erroring.
  2. Changes to a component are expected (snapshot testing).

This plugin allows you to do both just by shallow rendering the component. Here's an example:

import UserAvatar from '../UserAvatar';

describe('UserAvatar', () => {
  context('with default props', () => {
    itShallowRenders(() => <UserAvatar />);

  context('with user object', () => {
    set('user', () => new User());
    itShallowRenders(() => <UserAvatar user=user />);


If you want, you can import itShallowRenders from jest-plugin-it-shallow-renders at the top of every test:

import itShallowRenders from 'jest-plugin-it-shallow-renders';

If you want to install itShallowRenders as a global, you can modify the jest section of your package.json to include:

"jest": {
  "setupFiles": [
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