Tools for manipulating Wii/Gamecube games
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# Format a drive:
wwt format -v -f /dev/sdc2

# Extract all wdf
wit extract *.wdf -D destdir/%Y

# Extract all iso images in all format (=ISO+CISO+DF+WBFS+FST)
# ('.' means current directory)
wit extract . -D destdir/%Y

# Same, but search current directory recursivley
wit extract -r . -D destdir/%Y

# btw: wit can extract directly from wbfs
wit extract /dev/wbfs_drive -D destdir/%Y
# or a single disc with known id
wit extract /dev/wbfs_drive id6 -D destdir/%Y

# Convert an iso into a wbfs file
wit copy --source game.iso --wbfs -d game.wbfs -v

# List games
wwt LIST-L /dev/sdb2

# Check
wwt CHECK -v /dev/sdb2

# Remove disc
wwt -t -v -P remove id6 -p /dev/sdb2

# Add all games from one partition to the other. Copies only missing.
wwt add -v -P -u --source /dev/sdc1 -p /dev/sdb2

# Add one single game from one partition to the other
wwt add -v -P -u -n SARE4Z --source /dev/sdc1 -p /dev/sdb2

# Downlod titles from
wwt gettitles

# Rename all games in a partition according to downloaded titles.txt file (English)
wwt SETTITLE -p /dev/sdb2 +=%T

# Rename all games in a partition according to downloaded titles-it.txt file (Italian)
wwt SETTITLE -p /dev/sdb2 -T /var/lib/wit/titles-it.txt +=%T
wwt SETTITLE -p /dev/sdb2 --lang it +=%T

# Change titles of ISO files in the given directory
wit settitle source_dir +=%T

# WINDOWS: It is easer to say -E$ and use $T instead of %T