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Quickly generate a SHA1 hash of a file or folder in Windows
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Sha1Sum Using a more standardized method of Sha1Hash Dec 13, 2016


Quickly generate a SHA1 hash of a file or folder in Windows. There are several tools out there that do some of what this tool can do. I mainly needed a small appliction to generate a SHA1 hash of an entire directory, while omitting certain file types.


Sha1Sum takes several parameters:
-p, --path={path to directory or file} - This should be a full path without a trailing slash. Note that C:\test and C:\test\ will produce differnet hashes. - required
-r, --recursive - Recursively check subdirectories. - Disabled by default
-e, --exclude= - Comma separated list of file extensions to exclude, ex .log,.txt
-s, --stripquotes - Enable this when you are using a monitoring system, such as zabbix, to call the application. The system may add quotes to the --path value which may throw an error
-d, --debug - Writes debug output to the console window


If the folder or file exists, the output will be a SHA1 hash of that object. If the object was not found or access denied, the output will be -1

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