Python Libraries for dealing with CMS PAT ntuples in a pythonic way
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CMSPyLibs is a set of utilities made for dealing with CMSSW tuples in a more pythonic way than is provided by the python FWLite interface. It's primarily implemented as a wrapper around the FWLite interface.


cmsutilities - This module contains some functions that are of general use, such as returning a python list given an edm handle, or getting a list of jets from event. There are also a few general calculations that were useful to me, such as getting the phi resolution of a four vector given it's covariance matrix

general_calc - This module is for calculating various MT2/MCT variables. It may not belong in this package, but I use it a lot, so it's there. - Useful plotting tools. A lot of these duplicate ROOT functionality in matplotlib - The opposite of This provides interfaces similar to matplotlibs for root plotting utilities

events - Utilities for getting events from EDM files