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A package for working with high-energy physics data in python. This package is intended to provide an alternative to the C++/ROOT ecosystem, with a focus on ease of use.

Unlike in C++, many of the mathematical tools needed for analysis are already present in python, though the excellent numpy and scipy packages. This package does not attempt to duplicate that functionality, but rather focusses on the subset of tasks that are unique to HEP.

The main tool in pyHEP is a full-featured Lorentz four vector class. It also provides data structures for events and ensembles of events. Ensembles of events can be saved to disk easily. To do this, pyHEP makes use of the Zope Object Database.

Many of the ideas in this package are borrowed from ROOT, but implemented in a more python-like way.

The code includes fairly extensive docstrings, and work is underway to add a more complete set of examples. This is very early code and is far from feature-complete, so use at your own risk. I'm taking feature requests, so please leave those and bug reports on the issues page.