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<title> Errata for Machine Learning in Action</title>
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<legend>Errata for Machine Learning in Action by Peter Harrington</legend>
Hi thanks for taking a look at <a href=""><b>Machine Learning in Action</b></a>. If you find any errors that are not published below please submit them to the book's
<a href="" target="_blank">
Author Online Forum</a>.
<h2>On page 17: (not in a code listing)</h2>
The line: </br>
myEye = randMat*invRandMat </br>
should appear above the line:</br>
>>> myEye – eye(4)</br>
<h2>Listing 2.2 bottom of page 25-page26</h2>
A better version of the function file2matrix() is given below. The code in the book will work.
def file2matrix(filename):
fr = open(filename)
arrayOLines = fr.readlines()
numberOfLines = len(arrayOLines)
returnMat = zeros((numberOfLines,3))
classLabelVector = []
index = 0
for line in arrayOLines:
line = line.strip()
listFromLine = line.split('\t')
returnMat[index,:] = listFromLine[0:3]
index += 1
return returnMat,classLabelVector
<h2>Page 26:</h2>
datingDataMat, datingLabels = kNN.file2matrix('datingTestSet.txt') </br>
should be:</br>
datingDataMat, datingLabels = kNN.file2matrix('datingTestSet2.txt') </br>
>>> datingLabels[0:20]</br>
[‘didntLike’, ‘smallDoses’,……</br>
should be:</br>
>>> datingLabels[0:20]</br>
[3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 3, 3, 1, 3, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3]</br>
<h2>Listing 2.5 page 32</h2>
datingDataMat, datingLabels = file2matrix('datingTestSet.txt')</br>
should be:</br>
datingDataMat, datingLabels = file2matrix('datingTestSet2.txt')</br>
<h2>Page 41 (not a code listing)</h2>
l(x<sub>i</sub>) = log<sub>2</sub>p(x<sub>i</sub>)</br>
Should be:</br>
l(x<sub>i</sub>) = -log<sub>2</sub>p(x<sub>i</sub>) </br>
<h2>Page 42: Listing 3.1</h2>
The line:</br>
labelCounts[currentLabel] = 0</br>
should be indented from the lines above and below it. The code in the repo is correct.
<h2>Listing 3.3 page 45</h2>
bestFeature = I </br>
should be:</br>
bestFeature = i</br>
<h2>Page 52 (not a code listing)</h2>
>>> treePlotter.retrieveTree(1)</br>
should return:</br>
{'no surfacing': {0: 'no', 1: {'flippers': {0: {'head': {0: 'no', 1: 'yes'}}, 1: 'no'}}}}</br>
<h2>Page 92</h2>
Before the line:</br>
>>> reload(logRegres)</br>
add the line:</br>
>>> from numpy import * </br>
At the beginning of the book I mention that this should be added to every interactive session, but it will be helpful for people to see this line here if they don’t remember that.
<h2>page 104 (not a code listing)</h2>
|wTx+b|/ ||w||</br>
should be:</br>
<h2>Listing 8.4 page 168</h2>
The line:</br>
returnMat = zeros((numIt,n)) </br>
Should be added before the line: </br>
ws = zeros((n,1)); wsTest = ws.copy(); wsMax = ws.copy()</br>
<h2>Listing 9.5 page 195 </h2>
yHat = mat((m,1))</br>
Should be:</br>
yHat = mat(zeros((m,1)))</br>