Android library to customize the Holo theme with a custom accent color
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Android library to customize the Holo theme with a custom accent color. The color can even be set programmatically, allowing the UI to change dynamically.

It currently supports Android 4.0+ projects (minSdkVersion="14"). Each theme defined in the project corresponds to a default android theme:

  • Theme.Holo > Theme.HoloAccent
  • Theme.Holo.Light > Theme.HoloAccent.Light
  • Theme.Holo.Light.DarkActionBar > Theme.HoloAccent.Light.DarkActionBar

There are other ColoredActionBar themes that allow further customization. See the appropriate wiki page for further information.

See the 'Getting Started' section for links to get more information.


  • Change the accent color in one place and apply it everywhere
  • Programmatically override the accent color set in the theme
  • All the UI components from "Holo Colors Generator" supported
  • Themes with different accent colors within the same app
  • Full focused state support (navigate with hardware keys)
  • Colored button styles
  • Overscroll glow color customization
  • Dialog customization with divider color correctly set
  • Switch and SwitchPreference implementation
  • Full right-to-left locale support
  • Themes can be extended to meet your needs

Getting Started

Before starting you can install the sample app from the Play Store to get a quick look at the features.

For details on how to set up the project and technical information, you can visit the wiki page.


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