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Hilde is an open source match tracking tool for games like foosball, air hockey, chess and similar


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Hilde 🏆

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You've got a foosball table or similar in your office and want to track your matches, player progress and compare yourself to your colleagues and see who's the best? You've come to the right place. Hilde is a match tracking app for games like foosball, table tennis, air hockey, etc. with achievements, elo ratings, statistics and more. Hilde is easy to setup and can be used by everyone.

A public demo is available at


Table of Contents

  1. Features - Hilde's features
  2. Getting Started - How to get Hilde up and running
  3. Usage - Command line utilities and configuration variables
  4. Contributing - How to contribute
  5. License

⚡️ Features

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Elo rating for each team
  • Seasons (managable via admin interface)
  • Detailed team statistics (winstreaks, winrate, elo history chart, ...)
  • Achievements (e.g. "Win 100 Matches", "Win 10 Matches in a row", ...)
  • Compare teams against each other
  • Teams of any size, simply separated by a comma in the team name
  • Light/Dark theme
  • Match comments
  • Leaderboards
  • Optional: Deployable for free with Vercel & Planetscale
  • Optional: Fully dockerized

⭐ Getting Started

Hilde can be installed in a few minutes, either by deploying it to Vercel, using Docker or setting it up manually.


  • Node 14
  • MySQL (5.7+)

Keep in mind that after installing you need to add a season via the admin ui (/admin) using the password from the environment variable (ADMIN_PASSWORD).

Free hosting with Vercel & Planetscale

Hilde is designed in a way that it could easily be hosted for free, using Vercel for hosting and Planetscale for the database.

Deploy with Vercel

Docker Compose

Example docker-compose.yml:

version: '3'

      - database
      - internal
    image: nehalist/hilde
      - ''
      - DATABASE_URL=mysql://root:hildepw@database:3306/hilde
      - ADMIN_PASSWORD=v3rys3cr3tp4ssw0rd

      - internal
    image: mysql:8.0
      - MYSQL_DATABASE=hilde
      - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=hildepw
      - db:/var/lib/mysql



After running docker-compose up -d Hilde is running on localhost:3000.

Manually (for development)

  1. Clone/fork the repository
  2. Run npm ci to install dependencies
  3. Run docker-compose up -d in order to start the database container (or adjust the .env file to use a different db)
  4. Run npm run dev to start the development server
  5. Add awesome features.


The official Docker image of Hilde is available on Docker Hub. Run it locally via:

  1. Run docker run -p -e DATABASE_URL=mysql://<user>:<password>@<host>:<port>/<db> nehalist/hilde
  2. Open http://localhost:3000
  3. Done.

⚙️ Usage


Hilde provides an admin ui at /admin which can be used to manage seasons.


Hilde provides a set of utility terminal commands:

Command Description
npm run dev Starts the development server
npm run build Builds the app
npm run start Starts the production server
npm run lint Lints files
npm run migrate Executes Prisma migrations


Hilde can be configured via environment variables in the .env file.

Variable Description Default
ADMIN_PASSWORD Administration password h1ldeb3steV3r
NEXTAUTH_SECRET Token secret +Zrk5zW6fgog5k0LbN4bxL1YXKIhvb65Yln5ZKf+g3o=
NEXTAUTH_URL Deployed URL of Hilde http://localhost:3000
DATABASE_URL Database connection string mysql://root:hildepw@localhost:3309/hilde

👐 Contributing

Hilde was created for fun and to play around with technologies I don't use on a daily basis in my office job, hence can be improved by many ways.

It's built on:

PRs are highly appreciated 🥳

If you like Hilde, please consider starring the repository. Thanks!


Developed by Licensed under the MIT License.