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JuniorTube open-source for families
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Parents know best what their kids under 13 years old should watch on the Internet.

That's why JuniorTube was created in 2013, by a father of two, who crafted a simple app that allowed him to curate and organize public videos from the Internet and shared them with his kids in a safer environment that only listed and streamed the videos selected by the parent.

In 2013, the name of the original platform was YoouKids, then it transitioned to JuniorTube and JuniorTube EDU in 2015. JuniorTube EDU expanded its audience of users and became in 2015 (which helped educators to curate, organize and distribute their own videos, VR and AR content to private groups of students or trainees), then open-sourced in 2019.

In 2016, JuniorTube for families became an ad-free subscription-based service. 70% of the net revenue generated from subscriptions was distributed among participating third-party video content creators based on their monthly activity on JuniorTube. Ideally, this business model would work nicely for everyone involved, especially for the educational content creators as well as for the families consuming trusted educational content on a safe video platform, contingent on drawing a large number of family subscribers. Although many families had downloaded the free JuniorTube app providing listings of the curated educational content available with a subscription, organized and filterable by age (2-12 years old), only 420 subscribed to JuniorTube. Therefore, JuniorTube proved itself unsustainable as a business and had to shut down in 2019.

JuniorTube became open-source software in 2019, to allow families to continue to control what their children are watching, until the kids will grow up enough to make the wise decision of not watching harmful or mind-twisting videos.


Currently, this repo offers a copy of the latest software for the JuniorTube platform, as it was available on web browsers prior to its shut down in 2019. JuniorTube also developed software for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Roku platforms, which might be made public at a later time.

Contributing to JuniorTube

First off, thank you for considering to contribute! 🎉

Here are some first ideas that are next to be implemented on JuniorTube:

  • Allow parents (even non-tech-savvy ones) to seamlessly create local database servers or JSON-based data, to store curated lists of links to videos and assets that they want their children to access and watch or explore.
  • Allow parents to add links to select videos to their local database.
  • Allow parents' children to access the curated list of videos and assets, via links from the local private database, embed them via available public APIs, and watch them on any device in their household (smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, gaming consoles, smart TVs, VR headsets etc.)
  • Allow parents to monitor and adjust what their kids are watching, from their own devices such as smartphones, smartwatches etc.
  • Parents know best what their kids should watch, and they can guide them to videos and assets that help their kids with their education or entertainment, career pathways awareness and decisions, life hacks and best practices, and whatever else parents really wants their kids to watch.
  • Parents may eventually have access to playlists / collections of links to videos and assets curated by other parents or organizations, and they may provide their own children with access to select resources from the crowdsourced collections.
  • Your idea?...
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