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DewDrop - A Linux Droplr Client


  • Python 2.7
  • Python: simplejson (simplejson from PIP; or python-simplejson from apt (Ubuntu))


  • Steve Gricci (@sgricci)
  • Adam Galloway (@adamgalloway-nrg)
  • Uri Herrera (web)


  • Work with Droplr Pro domains
  • Add to Ubuntu Software Center
  • Add to pip
  • Settings window a. Start At Login b. Keyboard shortcut to take screenshot
  • Ability to escape out of taking a screenshot
  • Taking a screenshot should change the mouse pointer
  • Ability to close drop window
  • Show view count next to recent drops
  • Show drop preview next to drop in recent items on hover
  • Cache recent entries for 30 minutes (or until a new upload happens locally)


GPL v2

Obtaining API Keys

In order to develop for the Droplr API, you'll need to obtain a set of API keys. More information can be found here: