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A Configurable On/Off Switch Plasmoid
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A Configurable On/Off Switch Plasmoid

This is a widely configurable On/Off switch plasmoid for KDE fully written in QML. It makes use of QT's ToggleButton widget in order to implement the functionality.


Install this plasmoid using kpackagetool5 -t Plasma/Applet -i . in the top-directory


The plasmoid can by widely configured via the Settings menu:

  • name: The name of the switch displayed on the ToggleButton
  • initialState: State entered upon startup. Will call corresponding script
  • onScript: Called upon toggling off -> on if onScriptState is true
  • onScriptState: Switch to enable or disable the execution of onScript
  • offScript: Called upon toggling on -> off if offScriptState is true
  • offScriptState: Switch to enable or disable the execution of offScript

Further ideas

Enable the switch to have a persistent state. Currently it's unclear how the currentState might be stored persistently. The naive approach to abuse the configuration mechanism does unfortunately not work

For this, another configuration parameter is required:

  • persistentState -- boolean; make switch persistent during restart

Basically two types of switches, the latter is implemented:

  • persistentState == true: Switch state will be persistent over restarts of the plasmoid. For this, onScript or offScript will be called during instantiation depending on currentState.

  • persistentState == false: Switch state will be volatile. Switch will go into initialState upon startup. For this, onScript or offScript will be called while it's instantiated.

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