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Show notice about bank account verification after finishing a contribution #15

Irio opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Irio Musskopf Sean Connolly Josemar Luedke
Irio Musskopf

We can't debit bank accounts as they are used in a contribution. The idea is to explain this verification process to the user after he finished a contribution.


This screen should be shown just when a contribution is made with an unverified bank account.

Sean Connolly

I like the idea of verifying an account after the initial contribution so that it doesn't delay giving to a campaign. But is this functionality possible? You don't have to verify an account first?

Irio Musskopf Irio referenced this issue

Send e-mail remembering user to verify bank account #17

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Irio Musskopf

@snconnolly It isn't possible, but we're planning to use a trick here: internally the contribution will be created but set as "pending confirmation of bank account". After confirming new bank accounts, the system will check for contributions with this pending status and, then, debit the bank account in the contribution's amount.

Josemar Luedke

Hey @snconnolly and @jasewilson here is the idea of the message for users after contributing with a unconfirmed bank account.

thank you neighbor

I'm not sure if we should show the 'thank you'. What is your thoughts about it?

Sean Connolly
  • Title: You contributed using a new bank account. Please verify your account to complete your contribution.
  • Remove sentence "To complete your contributions with this bank account..."
  • 1. We will make two small deposits (each less than $1.00) to this account. Deposits may take 1-2 business days to appear.
  • 2. You will receive an email with a link to verify your account using the two deposit amounts.
  • 3. Once your account has been verified, your contribution will be processed and automatically reflected in the campaign you contributed to.

My thinking is that we do not explain the process of what happens if they fail to verify their account after 3 tries. I think that dialogue only comes up when they fail to verify their account. 3 tries should be more than enough to get the amounts correct.

And I agree, it seems a little misleading to say thanks for the contribution if they didn't actually contribute just yet.

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Josemar Luedke

Closing this since it was implemented in the main app.

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