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Utilities for running Common Lisp on CI platforms
Common Lisp
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CI-Utils is a set of utilities for working on continuous integration platforms, including a run script for the Fiveam test library.

For examples of configuring CI platforms to test Common Lisp code, see the config-examples directory.


If you are using Roswell, run ros install ci-utils. This will download the code where ASDF can find it and place run-fiveam in the roswell bin directory. If you are not using Roswell, either run (ql:quickload :ci-utils) or manually download the contents of this repository somewhere that ASDF can find it.


See for documentation of the API.


The run-fiveam Roswell script is designed to make running Fiveam tests simple. It has the form run-fiveam [options] <tests and suites>. The test and suite names are read as symbols after loading any requested systems. The --quicklisp <system> and -l <system> options load a system using quicklisp. Note that any root systems in the project directory are automatically loaded. The --exclude <path> and -e <path> options mark a path for exclusion when measuring code coverage. Additionally, there are two environmental variables that directly affect run-fiveam. COVERALLS enables measuring code coverage using cl-coveralls. COVERAGE_EXCLUDE is a colon separated list of paths to exclude from code coverage measurements, in addition to those passed as arguments. See run-fiveam --help for more information.

Platform Features

CI-Utils adds a few values to *FEATURES* that describe the current platform. First, either :CI or :NOT-CI is added, depending on the CI environmental variable (set by the major CI platforms). Known CI platforms have their name added (listed in the table below). If CI is set but the system is not a recognized CI platform, then :UNKNOWN-CI is added. Finally, if the COVERALLS environmental variable is set, then :COVERALLS is added.

Platform Symbol Name
Appveyor :APPVEYOR
Bitbucket Pipelines :BITBUCKET-PIPELINES
Azure Pipelines :AZURE-PIPELINES
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