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+* Mac OS X
+*** EmacsClient Overview
+[[][GNU Emacs]] has the ability to run as an editing server via the [[][emacsclient]] command-line executable. This allows a pre-existing Emacs process to be called from the command-line. Most typically this is used to edit files such as:
+emacsclient $HOME/.emacs.d/init.el
+*** EmacsClient And Mac Os X
+While [[][Mac OS X]] is a [[][variant]] of [[][Unix]], Mac OS X uses its own [[][application bundle]] format. Frequently, when Mac OS X needs to interact with a user's program, Mac OS X requires an application bundle rather than the more general Unix [[][executable]]. The result of this is that integrating Mac OS X with the emacsclient executable requires some [[][jimmying]].
+*** Org Mode And EmacsClient
+[[][Org Mode]] uses the =emacsclient= command-line program for [[][capturing data]] as discussed on the [[][org-protocol.el]] webpage. For Org Mode capture to work correctly, you must integrate the emacsclient executable with Mac OS X's [[][URL dispatch mechanism]]. This is a non-trivial task.
+*** To The Rescue
+Based largely on the work of [[][JCardente]], is a simple Mac OS X application bundle that you configures Mac OS X to use the emacsclient executable in a manner consistent with Org Mode's capture mechanism.
+*** Installing
+Simply download, uncompress it, and copy to your =/Applications= directory. Things may not work correctly if you install it into a directory other than =/Applications=.
+You must have [[][Aquamacs]] installed in the =/Applications= directory as well.
+*** What Provides maps the following [[][URL schemes]] to the =Aquamacs= executable:
+ - =org-protocol=: The default protocol for Org Mode capture.
+ - =org=: A shorter version of =org-protocol= that I like to use.
+ - =emacs=, =emacs0=, =emacs1=, =emacs2=, =emacs3=, =emacs4=, =emacs5=: Unused protocols that are added for extension purposes.
+*** The Bottom Line
+Install in your =/Applications= directory alongside =Aquamacs=, follow the configuration instructions for [[][org-protocol]] and then enjoy Org Mode capturing!

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