A truly native Matrix client for macOS - written in Swift/Cocoa, with E2E encryption support
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Seaglass is a truly native macOS client for Matrix. It is written in Swift and uses the Cocoa user interface framework.

Screenshot of Seaglass

Pre-built binaries

You can find the latest release here.

Building from source

Use Xcode 9.4 or Xcode 10.0 on macOS 10.13. Seaglass may require macOS 10.13 as a result of using auto-layout for some table views, which seems to have been introduced with High Sierra. I hope to find an alternate way to relax this requirement.

If you do not already have CocoaPods installed, then install it:

sudo gem install cocoapods

Clone the Seaglass repository and install dependencies:

git clone https://github.com/neilalexander/seaglass
cd seaglass
pod install

Open up Seaglass.xcworkspace in Xcode and build!

Current features

  • Logging in to a homeserver you are already registered with
  • Creating and leaving rooms and direct chats
  • Joining and parting rooms
  • Inviting users to rooms (through /invite)
  • Emotes (using /me)
  • Message redaction
  • Posting text to rooms with Markdown formatting
  • Changing some room settings (history visibility, join rules, name, topic, aliases)
  • Message coalescing
  • End-to-end encryption
    • Enabling end-to-end encryption in rooms
    • Marking devices as verified or blacklisted
    • Exporting and importing encryption keys (compatible with Riot)
    • Requesting (and re-requesting) keys from other Matrix clients
    • Choosing whether to send encrypted messages to unverified devices
  • Viewing inline images and stickers
  • Links to non-image attachments


At this stage it is early in development and stands a good chance of being buggy and unreliable. I'm also not a Swift expert - I only started using Swift three or four days before my initial commit - and this code is probably awful. You've been warned. :-)