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Crypt::RandPasswd - random password generator based on FIPS-181
By John Porter (
This is an implementation of the Automated Password Generator standard,
defined in FIPS Publication 181, "Standard for Automated Password Generator":
use Crypt::RandPasswd;
( $word, $hyphenated ) = Crypt::RandPasswd::word( $minlen, $maxlen );
$word = Crypt::RandPasswd::word( $minlen, $maxlen );
$word = Crypt::RandPasswd::letters( $minlen, $maxlen );
$word = Crypt::RandPasswd::chars( $minlen, $maxlen );
# override the defaults for these functions:
*Crypt::RandPasswd::rng = \&my_random_number_generator;
*Crypt::RandPasswd::restrict = \&my_restriction_filter;
The module file can also be run directly as a script:
# To print the usage statement:
% perl Crypt/ -help
# To print out one password using the default parameter values:
% perl Crypt/