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# CPAN History
### Version 0.2
### Version 0.3
This document is a history of the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network,
or [CPAN]( CPAN is a collection of open source
@@ -77,6 +77,8 @@ an email from Jared Rhine ([JARED](
was forwarded to the list,
in which he wrote "I propose that we cooperate to create a unified structure,
much like the [CTAN]( project".
CTAN is the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network,
a collection of packages for the [TeX typesetting system](
On December 7th,
Bill emailed the CTAN admins asking for any advice and any tools
@@ -591,5 +593,4 @@ These are things I think should be added:
* Metabase
* Barbie's role in CPAN Testers
* Links to lots more of the key packrats messages
* Mention that the name CPAN came from CTAN (comprehensive TeX archive network)

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