Neurio scripts to light a multi-coloured LED connected to a Raspberry Pi
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This is a little home energy indicator that is an awesome way to trim excess Watts off your energy consumption! Put an LED in a nice container and stick it in a visible area of your house to build more awareness about your home's energy consumption. It's a great reminder to shut things off and kill those phantom load powerbars before you leave the house or shut down for the night.

The Details

These scripts are to drive a common anode RGB LED connected to a Raspberry Pi GPIO pins as follows:

  • Red = 22
  • Green = 18
  • Blue = 17

The script takes a power reading from a Neurio home energy monitor (IP must be supplied as a command line argument) and then shows the following colours on the LED:

  • 0-140W = White (140W because my "phantom load" is sitting at 142W and I want to shave off another couple of Watts!)
  • 141-250W = Turqoise
  • 251-400W = Yellow
  • 401-700W = Green
  • 701-1000W = Blue
  • 1001-2000W = Violet
  • 2001+ = Red (hopefully we're not here for very long!)