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MS Build 2020

Build 2020 was a free, online event this year because of Covid-19. It was a 48 hour, multi-stream event, so I only watched a small sample. Here are some notes from some of the sessions that I watched.

  • Every developer is welcome, with Scott Hanselman and guests
    If you only watch one video it should be this one
    -Linux for Windows - is GA
    -Windows package manager - preview - something like Chocolatey
    -CodeSpaces - private preview - VsCode on a VM directly in github - green button where the clone button is - seems like there's a version for VS online and a different version for GitHub

  • Scott Guthrie keynote

  • C# Today & Tomorrow
    A few highlights of C# 8 and more about what's coming up in C# 9

  • What’s new with Application Insights & Azure Monitor
    Improved data table querying - workspace is the core - good demo of digging through logs

  • Azure Logic Apps and API Management
    Logic apps on functions runtime - can edit in VsCode

  • Azure Cosmos DB
    C# notebooks. eg to generate sample data - autoscale is GA - can enable autoscale on existing database - coming soon : consumption / serverless plan.

  • GitHub and Azure DevOps
    GitHub and Azure DevOps are run as a combined engineering team.
    Shift left with security: find vulnerabilities earlier.
    CodeQL code scan.

  • C++
    I watched a part of a session that I can't find now where the guy was saying that they've modernized C++ and made it easy to make incremental improvements to code, eg if it sees a pointer and a length it'll suggest to use a span. Visual Studio will give you hints for the parts you're working on, without enforcing huge changes everywhere.
    This sounds like it could be interesting to people taking on development of legacy apps.