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.NET Conf 2020

.NET Conf 2020 is an online conference, mostly about all the good new stuff in .Net 5.

There are lots of good presentations, but I don't have time to watch them all. These are the ones that appealed to me most.


  • Better Git integration in Visual Studio
  • GitHub Actions in Visual Studio
  • Blazor looks better and faster and debugging
  • Great Swagger (Open API) support
  • Project Tye to make K8s easier

What’s New in C#?

  • top level program
  • init setter
    • serializer still breaks "read-only-ness", ie can set init properties
  • record
    • class with value but no methods
    • nice ToString implementation
    • value equality
    • define properties in constructor
    • can be deconstruced (tuples)
    • probably immutable
  • with expression - create (shallow) copy and have an extra object initialiser
  • better pattern matching in switch statements

Porting Projects to .NET 5

  • .Net 5 is not LTS - 6 will be
  • Xamarin not in 5 - will be in 6
  • everything they intend to bring from FF is now in .Net 5
    • AddDomains will not be ported, but can use AssemblyLoadContext instead
  • .Net 5 replaces Core and Standard
    • also have platform specific versions that add stuff
    • cross platform libraries to support FF are still Standard 2.0
    • Standard 2.1 to share with Core 3.0 and Xamarin
  • only reason to port is to innovate - Core 3.1 and FF will stay around for ever
  • nice tools to migrate - ApiPort and try-convert

Developer Fun with Scott Hanselman

  • I watched the first few minutes and it's just some fun - nothing new.

Accelerate .NET to Azure with GitHub Actions

  • mostly just an intro with slides
  • Actions is still behind Azure DevOps so no urgent need to move

Setting Up Feature Flags with .NET

  • using Split, not the .Net Core feature
  • kill switch
  • A/B testing
  • subscription management
  • canary release
  • different differentiators: user, device, location, etc
  • approval
  • demo wasn't very good, but maybe she just wasn't a good presenter
  • the product supports good best practises
  • start simple, eg an A/A test (yes really!)

Azure Management Superpowers with Pulumi

  • Pulumi has full coverage of Azure and Kubernetes APIs, and .Net 5 and C# 9
  • multiple cloud providers
  • infrastructure as code
    • ARM templates
    • yaml
    • actual code
  • Pulumi is the last in that list
    • has IDE support etc, and can also write unit tests etc
  • 100% Azure coverage - it's generated from the OpenApi spec
  • can convert an ARM template to code

Developing and Deploying Microservices with 'Tye'

  • it's supposed to simplify Kubernetes
  • but if you don't find Kubernetes too hard, then Tye is probably not useful for you
  • it's still an experiment
    • useful for development cycle
    • most people don't get as far as using it for deployment
  • the second half of the video was a demo, but they'd already lost me

What’s New in Visual Studio 2019 and beyond

  • themes - download a theme extension and select it - it'll do colors, etc
  • checkbox to open solution without loading projects
  • configure file nesting options, eg show different file types as if they were in different folders
  • intellicode suggestion - suggest what to do next when it sees you're repeating edits, and suggest to do it in other locations
  • demo didn't go well - VS kept freezing

Improve Your Productivity with Roslyn Analyzers

  • Roslyn is the C# compiler with an open API surface that let's you plugin other technologies, one of which is code analysers
  • diagnostics, suggestions and code fixes
  • report violations: error, warning, suggestion, hidden
  • hidden is refactoring suggestions, eg extract method
  • style support for XML comments, also for inheritdoc
  • (new C# feature - default constructor when variable type is defined, eg List<int> list = new())
  • show parameter names when pressing alt-f - or always if configured
  • Regex completion
  • DateTime format suggestions
  • best practises
    • they've been disabled for a long time to avoid breaking stuff, but now they're enabling more
    • project setting AnalysisLevel to revert to previous behavior, or use a later behavior
  • second half was about how to write a Roslyn analyser, which I'm not interested in

Introducing the New and Improved Azure SDK for .NET

  • New team to create consistency in all the Azure SDKs
  • idiomatic, consistent, approachable, diagnosable, dependable
  • in depth description about how the SDK works internally
    • not necessary to know for the simple use case
    • but could be interesting for extending or diagnosing
  • pipeline is immutable, which means that a single client can be used by multiple threads

Level-up Your DevOps with GitHub Actions and Kubernetes

  • demo creating a project from scratch, dockerizing it (multi-stage, including using docker to build instead of local)
  • then deploy to k8s - copy-paste yaml because it's always the same
  • Github Actions - build container (tag with sha), push to registry, apply to k8s (including replacing params in k8s yaml)
  • flawless and complete demo