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A CakePHP Plugin for a blogging engine with posts, categories and tags
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CakePHP Blog Plugin

A CakePHP blog plugin for CakePHP2.0+


  • Blog posts ** Paginated across all filter types (see below) ** Sticky flag ** In/out RSS feed flag
  • Filter by ** Categories (HABTM, hierarchy, only shows categories with posts in, displays number of posts in each category or one of its children) ** Tags (HABTM, including tag cloud) ** Year/month archive (based on created date/time, only shows months with posts in, grouped by year, displays number of posts in each month)
  • RSS for all posts, or posts in a particular category or tag
  • Settings ** Meta title, description, keywords for the unfiltered list and filtered by archive list


Create custom views in your app directory e.g. app/View/Plugin/Blog/BlogPosts/index.ctp



git submodule add git:// app/Plugin/Blog

or download from

Add the following line to your /app/config/bootstrap.php

CakePlugin::load( array( 'Blog' => array( 'routes' => True ) ) );

And add this line to /app/config/routes.php

CakePlugin::routes('Blog'); // Load Blog plugin routes

Run the SQL script in Blog/Config/chema/schema.sql

Go to


  • for creating blog posts (and follow links to create the tags and categories first)
  • for editing the settings (things like the index page title and RSS feed title etc)

(Requires that your Routing.prefixes includes 'admin')


  • Custom blog post content implementations
  • Internationalisation
  • Improve the admin interface

All contributions welcome and will be attributed


Copyright Neil Crookes 2011


The MIT License

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