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CakePHP plugin for interacting with Gdata API
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Latest commit d2df5d0 Sep 21, 2010 @jamiemill jamiemill committed with Added an $autoRedirect parameter to GdataAuthComponent::getOAuthAcces…
…sToken which can be set to false if you want to save the received token and secret somewhere other than the session and redirect manually.

The method now returns the token, secret, and redirect location.



if you use git and want to implement as submodules:

  1. git submodule add ./app/plugins/gdata
  2. git submodule add ./app/plugins/rest

if you prefer to just download the files to their appropriate spots:

  1. download and extract to ./app/plugins/gdata
  2. download and extract to ./app/plugins/rest

also you'll need to get http_socket_oath (HttpSocket extension):

  1. curl > ./app/vendors/http_socket_oauth.php


edit @./app/config/database.php@ and add a configuration for @$googleAnalytics@

public $googleAnalytics = array(
    'datasource' => 'Gdata.GdataSource',
    'driver' => 'googleAnalytics',
    'oauth_consumer_key' => '',
    'auth_consumer_secret' => 'unknown',
    'profile-id' => '1234567',
    'X-GData-Key' => 'UA-1234567-1',

Hello World

App::import('Model', 'Gdata.GoogleAnalytic');
$this->GoogleAnalytic =& ClassRegistry::init('Gdata.GoogleAnalytic');
$accounts = $this->GoogleAnalytic->find('accounts');


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