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This Repository holds everything in my ~/.vim folder.

Generally, I use The Pathogen plugin to manage my plugins, and I strongly reccomend you switch to using it too.

The update_bundles script was written by Tammer Saleh, and published by him in his blog post which talks about why we should switch to Pathogen plugin for vim:


His update_bundles script will remove plugins from the bundle folder, then grab the most updated version from their respective git repositories. You can modify that script to include/exclude your vim plugins which reside in ./bundle

//no longer using scala... so ignore the following block
//I have added scala support for exuberant-ctags by adding a .ctag file containing regex expressions found on 
//to add scala support to ctags, copy the .ctags file to ~/.ctags. 
//update_external_configs.sh will copy files such as .vimrc and .tags to their locations outside this folder. Be carefull that you don't overide your own settings.

In the .vimrc, "set tags=/usr/local/src/tags" loads the tags which I made from various source code kept in /usr/local/src. The 'tags' file is made using exuberant-ctags:

    cd /usr/local/src/
    tags -R *

you can adjust this to suite your own source code locations. 

I've started using neocomplete for elm development, but that requires vim to be compiled with lua. To install vim that is compiled with lua and other goodies, see https://gist.github.com/neildaemond/1fb83611a84c4ea19ec1fd462e47d081

Otherwise, you'll have to comment out the neocomplete related items in .vimrc