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This is a Starter Genesis Child Theme for WordPress, use it as a child theme with the core Genesis Framework - WooCommerce and Beaver Builder ready
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This is a basic starter GenesisChild Theme to be used with the Genesis Framework on WordPress.

There is also a Mobile First version of this starter theme (Which is the one I prefer to use as my preferred starter) -

This GenesisChild theme has a number of widgets areas, the majority are Front Page only.

Widgetised Areas

  • The theme contains the following widgets
  • Pre-Header Left
  • Pre-Header Right
  • Header Right
  • Hero - Home Page only front-page.php
  • Optin - Home Page only front-page.php
  • Home Top - Home Page only front-page.php
  • Home Middle - Home Page only front-page.php
  • Home Bottom - Home Page only front-page.php
  • Before Content posts only
  • After Content posts only
  • Footer Widget Header
  • Footer Widgets 1, 2, 3
  • Footer
  • Post Footer Left
  • Post Footer Right

Home Page

The Home Page has been widgetized and the default Genesis loop can be removed.

To remove the Genesis home page loop tweak the front-page.php file by uncommenting line 88:


and commenting line 90:



For an online visual: Areas are highlighted to show boundaries and full width wraps these colors are commented out in the CSS. Only difference is the main home page 3 modules are now stacked in the theme, Home Top, Home Middle and Home Bottom.


  • Primary Menu is positioned above Header Right Widget Hook and is set to Primary Location
  • Secondary Menu remains in default area and is Secondary Location spanning full width below the logo/header right.
  • Genesis Responsive Menu version 1.1.2 is added but not enabled, to enable it uncomment in functions.php line 56
// include_once( get_stylesheet_directory() . '/includes/responsive-menu.php' );

Then the CSS & JS files will load for the menu. The .nav-primary and .nav-secondary menus are set to combine and appear as one under 768px, see this at /includes/responsive-menu.php line 36 to add separate further mobile nav menus add at /includes/responsive-menu.php line 41

Custom Logo

  • Custom Logo is supported via the Customizer, suggested size is 400x150px which you can change in the add_theme_support('custom-logo') array in functions.php
  • The header logo uses an <img> element and can support the SVG format.
  • SVGs are set to be allowed for upload by the constant 'ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS' declared in functions.php

Background Image

  • Background Images is supported, a background image can be uploaded in the WP Dashboard via Appearance > Background, this will scale to fit any viewport via BackStretchJS.

To use this you have to enable the BackStretch script in /includes/scripts-styles.php at line 54


  • Customizer options, you can set colors for the options below...

    • link,
    • link hover
    • menu,
    • menu hover,
    • button,
    • button hover,
    • footer links,
    • footer links hover,
    • footer widgets background color
  • Site Identity > Logo upload

  • Featured Images > background image behind Hero Widget

  • Featured Image display on single posts as an image at the top of the content

Featured Custom Post Type Widget for Genesis

  • Bundled in the theme is the 'Featured Custom Post Type Widget for Genesis', the widget is available from the normal widget area in the dashboard Appearance > Widgets.

This widget builds on the default Genesis supplied Featured Post widget but can also display Custom Post Types and Taxonomies as well as output them in columns. It is not necessary to install the plugin.

*Ref -


All scripts are in /includes/scripts-styles.php

  • FontAwesome is disabled.
  • placeholder.js is enabled.
  • backstretch.min.js is disabled.
  • FItVids is disabled


All CSS files are in /includes/scripts-styles.php

  • Regular style.css
  • 2 x IE styles in CSS directory, one targets IE8 and lower, the other IE9 and lower
  • Media Queries set at 767px and 1200px
  • Flexbox styles have been used in CSS for .wrap and other page layouts - Flexbox and all CSS styles have been autoprefixed to cater for last 5 browser versions.


  • All WooCommmerce functionality including CSS is only activated if WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated.
  • Prompt to Install and activate Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plugin - no need to declare support in functions.php
  • WooCommerce functions are then included and can be seen in /includes/woocommerce/woocommerce.php, these functions have some active and others commented out, read the comments to see if you require theme
  • WooCommerce CSS is at /includes/woocommerce/woo.css it is set to load after default WooCommerce CSS
  • Once WooCommerce is active there are a number of additional Customizer options for control of color in WooCommerce elements, this will be visible in the last panel of the Customizer
  • Support added for swipe, lightbox and zoom image settings if not required comment out from /includes/woocommerce/woocommerce.php
  • Default set to 12 products per shop page


  • All BeaverBuilder CSS is only activated if BeaverBuilder plugin is installed and activated.


  • PHP is enabled to execute in widget areas
  • Shortcode enabled in widget areas
  • 'Read More' link is enabled on post excerpts
  • HTML Tags and Attributes is removed from comments
  • The font 'Open Sans' is enqueued from Google Fonts in includes/scripts-styles.php
  • Author name removed in Post Meta for posts
  • SVG support for image uploads
  • Beaver Builder full width CSS styles added - leaves header and footer elements intact but full width for inner page.
  • Genesis Theme defaults now in /includes
  • Generic landing page added
  • Flexbox sticky footer added on site container with IE10/11 support

Modular Approach

At the top of functions.php there a number of include files that you can comment/uncomment for adding functionality.

  • customize.php contains all the Customizer options.
  • output.php renders the Customizer options CSS
  • responsive-menu.php adds the Genesis Responsive Menu
  • scripts-styles.php contains all JS and CSS files for inclusion
  • theme-defaults.php contains all the theme defaults
  • widgets.php contains all the widgets that need to be registered
  • beaverbuilder.php contains all the BeaverBuilder functionality - only enabled if BeaverBuilder plugin is active
  • /includes/woocommerce/woocommerce.php contains all the woocommerce functionality, commented out snippets included - only enabled if WooCommerce plugin is active
  • class-featured-custom-post-type-widget.php widget for the Genesis Featured Custom posts

Theme Defaults

In /includes/theme-defaults.php there are a number of related Genesis theme options which have been set to my own needs for a starter theme including unregistering some widget areas and layouts. Also you can remove certain Genesis theme metaboxes, change to suit your needs, the file is documented.

Download the zip rename the theme 'genesischild' - place this theme in your WordPress installation "/wp-content/themes/" and activate in WordPress Dashboard

Genesis Child Theme

Genesis Child Theme Customizer

Genesis Child Theme Widget Areas

Genesis Child WooCommerce Customizer

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