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Python library to define declarative contracts for serialization and deserialization
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Get it

Available on PyPI:

pip install lazycontract


Base classes:

StrictContract only allows the defined attributes

LazyContract ignores undefined attributes

DynamicContract deserializes undefined attributes, but does not serialize them


import json
import lazycontract

# custom property

class SloppyCSVProperty(lazycontract.LazyProperty):

    _type = list

    def deserialize(self, obj):
        return obj.split(",") if isinstance(obj, (str, unicode)) else obj

    def serialize(self, obj):
        return ",".join(str(item) for item in obj)

# custom contract

class SloppyDocument(lazycontract.LazyContract):

    title = lazycontract.StringProperty(default="new document")
    header = SloppyCSVProperty()
    body = lazycontract.ListProperty(SloppyCSVProperty())

# serialization

test1 = SloppyDocument(title="hello world", header=["first", "second"], body=[])
test1.body.append([1, 2])
test1.body.append([3, 4])

print json.dumps(test1.to_dict()) # {"body": ["1,2", "3,4"], "header": "first,second", "title": "hello world"}

# deserialization

data = json.loads('{"body": ["1,2", "3,4"], "header": "first,second", "title": "hello world"}')
test2 = SloppyDocument(data)

print test2.title  # hello world
print test2.header # [u'first', u'second']
print test2.body   # [[u'1', u'2'], [u'3', u'4']]

print type(test2)           # <class '__main__.SloppyDocument'>
print type(test2.header)    # <type 'list'>
print type(test2.header[0]) # <type 'unicode'>

See lazycontract/ for more examples of property usage.

Goals and inspiration

  • Provide a simple means to express data contracts in code.
  • Blatantly inspired by jsonobject's API
  • Attribute serialization, de-serialization and validation should be trivial to understand and implement
  • Errors in the data or contract should be easy to debug
  • Don't impose a wire format or encoder/decoder


  • lazy deserialization
  • timestamp properties
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