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Don't be a dick about PHP and Python

Because potential volunteers love a gentle put-down about their expertise! Not.
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1 parent dce3ff3 commit 33947af342eb2c6b39d9c80aafb63fa7987f49ec @neilk committed Oct 12, 2012
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@@ -29,12 +29,12 @@ js-win8-extra = the front end for the Metro-style enabled desktop browser for Wi
java-intro.innerHTML = So you're a believer in <strong><code>AbstractMethodFactoryBean</code></strong>s? That's cool, we all have our vices. You could work on
java-mobile-extra = it's the Gecko engine, with an Android-specific UI. No Android device required.
java-rhino-extra = it's Spidermonkey in Java. Is this actually still a thing?
-py-intro = So you enjoy the paradigm of backtrace-driven development? That's cool, everyone gets a bit tired of static typing once in a while. You can work on
+py-intro = Excellent! Clear, simple, dynamic - that's you! You can work on
py-firefox-extra = lots of code is generated by python scripts
py-webdev-extra = we have many large, complicated projects written in Python
py-dxr-extra = the intelligent source code indexing system
py-tools-extra = various projects to facilitate easier automated testing of products
-php-intro = So you like your variable names to include dollar signs? That's cool, everyone misses Perl once in a while. You can work on
+php-intro = Great - this is the the go-and-get-it-done language of the web, and we use it in
php-wordpress-extra.innerHTML = the code that runs our <a href="">blogs</a>
php-marketplace-extra.innerHTML = the PHP client for <a href="">Marketplace</a>
php-mediawiki-extra.innerHTML = the Bugzilla plugin for <a href="">Mozilla's MediaWiki</a>

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! I'll sleep on this; I'm not sold on the replacements, nor on the need to change the originals.

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