Sans serif font for Cherokee Syllabary
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This directory contains:

* nkCherokee.ttf -- this is the font file. Consult your operating system help to learn how
to install it

* nkCherokee.sfd -- FontForge source file

* nkCherokee-grid.pdf -- a sampler of how the font looks, in the traditional grid arrangement
of Cherokee syllabary.

* LICENSE.txt -- contains information about copyright and licensing.

Additional notes on the design:

This font does not use the proper unicode page for Cherokee, as it was designed as a 
drop-in replacement for the traditional Cherokee nation font, which uses another keyboard mapping. 
Multi-glyph characters have also been replicated.

After almost a decade (!) there are several things that I am unhappy about with this font. The
design of a few characters could be improved, particularly NV. If you would like to adopt this 
font I would suggest a revision there. I would have done it myself but I am having trouble with
my font-editing software at the moment.

-- Neil Kandalgaonkar, 15 February 2011