Hacking results of 2012 mercedes benz corporate run
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Analyzing the results from the Mercedes Benz Corporate 5k (Ft. Lauderdale)

The data was scraped from the [results] page. Since the results page seems to be dynamically generated (or something), I couldn't just scrape the online version - I couldn't come up with a URL that showed all of the records. Rather, I copied the source of the table to a file and then parsed it with python/BeautifulSoup.

The times provided were in H:M:S, I converted the data to seconds and to fractional minutes (to 2 places). I also cleaned up a little unicode in the participant/company names.

def time_to_seconds(t):
  "" convert the times (HH:MM:SS) into seconds ""
  time_components = t.split(':')
  if len(time_components) == 2:
    seconds = (int(time_components[0]) * 60) + int(time_components[1])
    seconds = (int(time_components[0]) * 3600) + (int(time_components[1]) * 60) + int(time_components[2])
  return str(seconds)

densityplot ecdf teamplot boxplot [results]: http://results.mercedesbenzcorporaterun.com/results/search.php?sub_event_id=226610&series_year=2012