sourcing publicly available files, generate useful zip code-county data
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sourcing publicly available files, generate useful zip code-county data.

My goal is to be able to map zip codes to county FIPS codes, without paying. So far, I'm able to produce county fips codes for 41456 counties out of a list of 42523 zip codes.

I was able to find a zip code database from, each zip code had a county name but not a county FIPS code. I was able to find County FIPS codes on the site through some google hacking.

The data files are in the data directory - I'll eventuall add code to make sure the latest data files are retrieved at runtime. I didn't do this yet because I didn't want to hammer the sites while I was quickly iterating - a local copy did just fine.

The troubled python code will attempt to match the two data sets and yield data in the tab-delimited format: zip_code county_fips_cd county_name state_cd

this will be saved to the output directory.

I did this because geo data is difficult to find and the scummy data-for-sale sites SEOd their way ahead of any useful information.

I haven't put a lot of time into this and I can certainly use some help and polishing. In the meantime, the output data is pretty damn good for a first effort.

I spot-checked a bunch of records against some google searches and they seem ok. Please let me know of any data issues.

The program will output a list of items that couldn't be matched. Included are some empty strings and a few other oddities. I'll go through these as I get some time. This is something I could REALLY use some help with so submit those pull requests.