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# source files:
import sys, re, csv
counties = {}
no_match = []
zip_fips = {}
fips_regex = re.compile('^[0-9]{5}')
fips_data = open('data/FIPS_CountyName.txt').readlines()
zip_data = 'data/zip_code_database.csv'
output_file = open('output/zip_code_to_fips_county_code.txt','w')
for line in fips_data:
data = line.strip()
fips_cd = data[0:5]
# making sure that we're dealing with zip code records
# and not header records.
# also filter out fips codes that end in 000 because those are records
# for a state as a whole i.e. 10000 is alabama.
if fips_regex.match(fips_cd) and fips_cd[2:5] != '000':
county_name, state_cd = data[6:].split(',')
state_cd = state_cd.replace(' ','')
county_name = county_name.upper().replace('.','')
counties[(state_cd, county_name)] = fips_cd
# now, read the zip code database file
# warning, this is a super-quick hack and this is O(sucky). it could be
# much more efficient.
# we should really build an intermediate list of unique counties found in the
# zip code file but a) i'm being lazy and b) this is small data. runtime is
# quick.
# in a few places, we need to clean text. we'll do the following
# - convert it to upper case
# - remove periods (i.e. ST.)
# - remove the surrounding double-quotes
with open(zip_data, 'rb') as f:
reader = csv.reader(f)
for data in reader:
zip_code = data[0]
state_cd = data[5].upper()
county_name = data[6].replace('"','').upper().replace('.','')
fips_cd_for_zip_code = counties[(state_cd, county_name)]
zip_fips[zip_code] = fips_cd_for_zip_code
output_file.write("%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\n" %
(zip_code, fips_cd_for_zip_code, county_name, state_cd))
except KeyError:
no_match.append((state_cd, county_name))
print "found county matches for %d zip codes" % len(zip_fips.items())
print "-------"
print "couldn't find a match for the following %d items." %len(set(no_match))
print "investigate possible data issues."
for itm in set(no_match):
print itm