reusable package-level functions that solve common problems
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ActionScript 3 Utilities and Object Extensions provided as reusable package-level functions that solve common problems.

What have you got for me?

HEAPS, too much to list here right now.

Oh ok here's a taste, there are umpteen utils for

  • array
  • color
  • conversions
  • date
  • event
  • garbage collection
  • html
  • number
  • string
  • validation
  • and more.

Gimme some utils

Got Git? Lets go!

$ git clone git://
$ ant

Got something to share?

Fork the as3-utils project on GitHub, see the forking guide and then send a pull request.


Giving credit where credit is due

Many of these utils are copy/pasted from open-source projects from around the web. We will attribute functions to their creators (it's on our list of things to do) and we hope function authors understand that we're not trying to take credit for their work. We don't want credit, we just want a collection of great open-source utils supported by the community.