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openFrameworks site

This repository stores the content that generates the openFrameworks website.

Setting up the site to build locally

To contribute, fork the repository and download to your local machine. You'll need to install Python, lxml and blogofile:

easy_install lxml
easy_install blogofile

If you run into trouble, check the notes below.

To generate and view the site locally, you have to run:

blogofile build
blogofile serve

And access the local site in http://localhost:8080/

You can start editing pages right away. In order to see your changes on your local version you'll have always have to run build & serve before.

** Please note, this version of ofSite is built in blogofile v.0.7.1, see the reference for installing on Vanilla Ubuntu below

To build the site, you will need to:

git clone
git checkout 0.7.1
python install

And run:

blogofile build
blogofile serve

Documentation-style markdown

The documentation portion of the site is written in Markdown, a wiki-style syntax. See details on Daringfireball.

The easiest way to check the syntax is having a look at the many pages already on the site, but here are some useful tips:

To insert code snippets use four tildes followed by curly braces with ".cpp" inside, and ending with four tildes:

for(int i = 0; i < 16; i++) {
	ofLog() << i;

Images are added using normal markdown format:

![Image Title](filename.png "alt text")

Additional tips can be found in Contributing Documentation on the ofSite wiki

Useful Markdown Editors

An alternative to running blogofile locally is to use a Markdown editor that can show you a rendering as you work.


Note: The website utilizes some additions to Markdown itself, so specialized functions such as code syntax highlighting may not be available in the editor, even though it will work fine on the site.

Installation notes (Mac OSX 10.8): If you get errors when building the site, you may need blogofile 0.7.1 (current version is 0.8b). The only way I've found to install the version has been by cloning and checking out the 0.7.1 tag. Then inside the blogofile folder run

sudo python install

Your may also need to install asciidoc

Vanilla Ubuntu 12.04 install:

aptitude install build-essential gcc python-dev libxslt1-dev git python-setuptools python-pip 
easy_install lxml

git clone
cd blogofile
git checkout 0.7.1
python install

cd ..
git clone
blogofile build
blogofile serve


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