lg is a super-simple golang logging package, primarily intended for debugging/tracing purposes.
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go-lg: golang logging library

lg is yet another golang logging package, primarily intended for debugging/tracing purposes. It outputs in Apache httpd error_log format. To make it easy to debug, it logs the the invoking file name, line number, and function name.

To get the library: go get github.com/neilotoole/go-lg/lg

Here's how you use it:

package example

import "github.com/neilotoole/go-lg/lg"

func ShowMe() {
        lg.Debugf("the answer is: %d", 42)
        lg.Errorf("trouble ahead")

That produces:

I [24/Aug/2016:20:26:41 -0600] [example.go:6:example.ShowMe] the answer is: 42
E [24/Aug/2016:20:26:41 -0600] [example.go:7:example.ShowMe] trouble ahead

By default, lg outputs to stdout/stderr, but you can specify an alternative destination with lg.Use(). Typically this is a log file, and your code might look something like this:

package main

import (

func init() {
	logFile, err := os.OpenFile("/path/to/file.log", os.O_RDWR|os.O_CREATE|os.O_APPEND, 0666)
	if err != nil {

func main() {
	lg.Debugf("Hello world!")
	// do something useful

Or, even easier, just set the environment variable __LG_LOG_FILEPATH in your app's code near startup, using os.Setenv("__LG_LOG_FILEPATH', "/path/to/file.log"). You can of course map an external envar (MYAPP_LOG_FILEPATH) or a flag (--logfile=/path/to/log.file) onto __LOG_FILEPATH if you need the log file location to be configurable by the user at runtime.

You can control which log levels produce output:

lg.Levels(lg.LevelError) // only output error
lg.Levels() // output no levels, aka disable logging

You can also use the master on/off switches: lg.Enable() and lg.Disable().

If you want to output the full file path or full function name, set these variables:

lg.LongFnName = true
lg.LongFilePath = true

You'll get crazy long output like this:

I [24/Aug/2016:20:34:02 -0600] [/Users/neilotoole/nd/go/src/github.com/neilotoole/go-lg/example/example.go:6:github.com/neilotoole/go-lg/example/example.ShowMe] the answer is: 42

Note that lg only actually outputs two Apache log levels: INFO and ERROR. The Debug functions map to INFO, and the other functions map to ERROR. This is somewhat in the spirit of Dave Cheney's logging article. But the Apache error_log format doesn't have a DEBUG level, and WARN is a little useless, so this is where we're at.