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Yet Another JSON Schema Validator [CLI]
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Yet Another JSON-Schema Validator. Command line tool for validating JSON documents against provided schemas.

The real credit goes to xeipuuv/gojsonschema which does the heavy lifting behind this CLI.


Simply use go get to install

go get


yajsv validates JSON documents against a schema, providing a status per document:

  • pass: Document is valid relative to the schema
  • fail: Document is invalid relative to the schema
  • error: Document is malformed, e.g. not valid JSON

The 'fail' status may be reported multiple times per-document, once for each schema validation failure.

Basic usage

$ yajsv -s schema.json document.json
document.json: pass

With multiple schema files and docs

$ yajsv -s schema.json -r foo.json -r bar.json doc1.json doc2.json
doc1.json: pass
doc2.json: pass

Or with file globs (note the quotes to side-step shell expansion)

$ yajsv -s main.schema.json -r '*.schema.json' 'docs/*.json'
docs/a.json: pass
docs/b.json: fail: Validation failure message

Note that each of the referenced schema is assumed to be a path on the local filesystem. These are not URI references to either local or external schemas and documents.

See yajsv -h for more details

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