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Base File.sublime-settings f1rst Apr 6, 2012
Default (Linux).sublime-keymap
Default (OSX).sublime-keymap Add angular directive snippet, other little updates Oct 10, 2014
Default (Windows).sublime-keymap
Global.sublime-settings f1rst Apr 6, 2012

Take a look at Default (OSX).sublime-keymap to see what is provided, modified, and TODO (comments at the bottom).

Patches/issues welcome.

Package Control settings are not in this repo. Here are the packages currently installed:

  • Alignment
  • CoffeeScript
  • CTags
  • DetectSyntax
  • Gist
  • Git
  • Jasmine
  • LESS
  • Markdown Preview
  • Package Control
  • RSpec
  • Ruby Slim
  • Sass
  • Theme - Soda
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