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XC=BASIC extension for easy raster interrupts
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XC=BASIC extension for easy raster interrupts. Compatible with XC=BASIC v2.2.04 or higher. Click here to learn about XC=BASIC


Include the file xcb-ext-rasterinterrupt.bas in the top of your program:

include "path/to/xcb-ext-rasterinterrupt.bas"

That's it, you can now use all the symbols defined by this extension. Avoid naming collisions by not defining symbols starting with ri_ in your program.

Quick start

This extension handles raster interrupts via interrupt service routines (ISR). ISRs are nothing but ordinary XC=BASIC procedures:

proc my_isr

ISR procedures can't have parameters or even if they do define parameters, nothing will be passed to them - which is legal in XC=BASIC.

After writing your procedures specify how many ISRs you're going to use at the same time. This is done by setting the ri_isr_count! variable:

ri_isr_count! = 2

The ri_isr_count! variable must hold a number between 1 and 8.

Then register your ISRs to the interrupt table using the ri_set_isr command:

ri_set_isr 0, @my_isr, 50 : rem my_isr will be called at raster line 50
ri_set_isr 1, @second_isr, 260 : rem second_isr will be called at raster line 260

Finally, enable raster interrupts like this:


Detailed documentation

Commands defined by this extension

ri_set_isr <byte entry_no>, <int address>, <int raster line>

Adds an entry to the interrupt table. Parameters:

  • entry_no the number of this entry (0-7)
  • address at what address the ISR is found. It is recommended to specify the address of a procedure, using the syntax @proc_name
  • raster_line at which raster line the interrupt should occur (0-311)


Disables CIA interrupts and starts raster interrupts. Make sure that at least one ISR is registered to the interrupt table and ri_isr_count! is between 1 to 8 before issuing this command.


Turns off raster interrupts and turns CIA interrupts back on.


Instructs the runtime to call the KERNAL interrupt handler at $ea31 on each interrupt cycle to make sure that keyboard input and cursor blinking works while raster interrupts are on. This is turned on by default.


Instructs the runtime NOT to call the KERNAL interrupt handler. If you set this, keyboard and cursor will not work while raster interrupts are on.

Constants defined by this extension

const RI_CIA1_ICR     = $dc0d
const RI_CIA2_ICR     = $dd0d
const RI_VIC_CTR      = $d011
const RI_VIC_RASTER   = $d012
const RI_VIC_IRQ_R    = $d019
const RI_VIC_IRQ_EN   = $d01a

Variables defined by this extension

dim ri_isr_count!	; The number of registered ISRs

Private variables (used internally and should not be directly accessed):

data ri_isr_addr_lo![]
data ri_isr_addr_hi![]
data ri_ras_lo![]
data ri_ras_hi![]

Functions defined by this extension

This extension does not define any functions.


Please refer to the file examples/flag.bas for an example.

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