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TDPAHAuth status codes


TDPAHAuth often uses status codes in returned objects. The list below gives an explanation of these status codes (which are loosely based on HTTP status codes):

TDPAHAuth status codes

  • 200: Success. The request completed successfully.
  • 400: Bad request. The request was malformed in some way e.g. a required field was missing or on the wrong format.
  • 401: Not authorised. Most likely the requesting user does not have permission on the requested resource (this would occur in an API request for which the specified user's permissions are insufficient).
  • 404: Not found. The request could not be fulfilled because e.g. the user could not be found (perhaps the username/userID is incorrect?)
  • 500: Internal error. Something went wrong processing the request. This may be a bug, in which case please file an issue on GitHub.
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