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=================== DOCUMENTATION ===================
This document list how the mod stores information.
===================================================== PARTY
=== mod_storage:<playername>_party -- player's leadername -- rather than the actual party name, this value is the leadername because it makes it easier to obtain values below with <leadername>
=== mod_storage:<playername>_officer -- if officer then true, else empty
=== mod_storage:<playername>_title -- chat title name
=== mod_storage:<leadername>_leader -- <leader>'s party name
=== mod_storage:<leadername>_lock -- join status of party <empty/active/request/private>
=== mod_storage:<leadername>_home -- home of party <empty/active/request/private>
=== attribute:partyinvite -- if invited, value is inviter's name
=== attribute:partypending -- for request mode parties only, if player sends request to join a party, value is party's leadername
=== attribute:partynoinvite -- if true all invites are ignored
=== attribute:partypvp -- if true, pvp between party members are enabled
=== attribute:partychat -- determines where the chat message is sent, main == global/main channel | party == party channel | squad == squad channel
===================================================== SQUAD
=== mod_storage:<playername>_squad -- player's squad name
=== mod_storage:<playername>_squad_no <1-7> -- squad position -- used for determining hud locations
=== mod_storage:<playername>_squad_leader -- if player is leader, value == squad name
=== mod_storage:<playername>_squad_lock -- join status of squad <empty/private>
=== attribute:squadinvite -- if invited, value is inviter's name
===================================================== OBTAINING MOD STORAGE VALUES
Mod storage values are local to this mod.
But global functions are added for you to obtain and set values.
Refer to the list above for a list of values obtainable.
party.get_value(<valuename>) will return mod_storage:get_string(<valuename>)
party.set_value(<valuename>, <newvalue>) will do mod_storage:set_string(<valuename>, <newvalue>)
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