Tiny replacement for Supertab that DOES do what I need.
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Tiny replacement for Supertab that DOES do what I need.

If you're on a blank line or at the beginning of a line, it just issues a TAB keypress. Otherwise, it calls UltiSnips (or NeoSnippet). If no snippet was found, it calls the NeoComplete plugin, omni complete and keyword complete one after the other following the order you provided. If there are no matches it calls the following one.

If you are already browsing a completion candidates list, tab will jump to the next one and shift-tab to the previous one.

I did this because SuperTab did not detect if a completion returned something or not, and in some cases I really needed to fall from a completion function back to the other (Omni to Keyword or Keyword to Omni, and later added support for the excellent NeoComplete plugin).

This piece of code is a derivation of the function suggested by: [Nikolay Frantsev] (http://stackoverflow.com/users/256497/nikolay-frantsev) in [StackOverflow.com] (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2136801/vim-keyword-complete-when-omni-complete-returns-nothing)


With Pathogen:

cd ~/.vim/bundle/
git clone https://github.com/neitanod/vim-clevertab.git

Edit your .vimrc and then load one of the predefined chains (which try to call UltiSnips), like this:

call CleverTab#KeywordFirst()


call CleverTab#OmniFirst()


call CleverTab#NeoCompleteFirst()

or define your own chain:

inoremap <silent><tab> <c-r>=CleverTab#Complete('start')<cr>
inoremap <silent><s-tab> <c-r>=CleverTab#Complete('prev')<cr>

Here is a chain using NeoSnippet instead of UltiSnips:

inoremap <silent><tab> <c-r>=CleverTab#Complete('start')<cr>
inoremap <silent><s-tab> <c-r>=CleverTab#Complete('prev')<cr>

You must always start with CleverTab#Complete('start'), as it takes care of the bootstrap of the chain.

Likewise, you must always end with CleverTab#Complete('end') which takes care of the cases where Tab means "next entry" on a suggestions menu.

Between those two, you can define which functions and plugins to call, and in which order. Each time that a function finds something to do the chain is broken and the rest of the calls are ignored.


  • tab

    Issues a Tab press and breaks the call chain, but only if the cursor is at the beginning of a line. Only whitespace is allowed at the left of the cursor. Otherwise this call is skipped.

  • ultisnips

    Starts UltiSnips plugin. If the keyword at the left of the cursor matches a snippet, it gets inserted and the call chain get broken. If UltiSnips fails to match the keyword to a snippet, control is passed to the next call.

  • keyword

    Issues a native <C-P> keypress. This starts the Keyword Completion. If a match is found and inserted into the buffer, or several matches are found and the pop up menu (PUM) is displayed, the call chain gets broken. If no match is found control is passed to the next call.

  • omni

    Just like the previous option, but instead of the native Keyword Completion function, the Omni Function is used by issuing a <C-X><C-O> key sequence press.

  • neocomplete

    Works like the keyword and omni calls, but this one starts the NeoComplete plugin to search for matches.

  • neosnippet

    Starts the NeoSnippet plugin to search for matches.

If you use a completion plugin other than NeoComplete and/or a snippets plugin other than UltiSnips or NeoSnippet, I encourage you to hack into this plugin and add them yourself! Each one is just an elseif block with just one to five lines of code in it. Then send me a pull request or just mail it to me.


While in insert mode, write some code and then just press TAB.