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  • The message formatting for the "show" subcommand was improved.
  • In filter-specs for the "list" subcommand, a '=' is used for separating key
    and value when filtering for an exact value, rather than a ':'.

Added features:

  • The "create-message", "new", "reply" and "tag" now accept the "--author" and
    "--date" options. Analogue to the options of "git commit" with the same name,
    the new options alter the author and authoring date of the resulting message.
  • New "reporter-name" and "reporter-email" filter keys for issue filtering
    using the "list" subcommand. As the name suggests, the keys may be used for
    filtering issues based on the reporter's name or email.
  • Filter specs for the "list" subcommand can now be used for filtering by
    substring or presence of a piece of issue metadata.
  • Filter specs for the "list" subcommand can now be inverted.


  • Git-dit did not handle pager and editor flags correctly. For example,
    configuring less -R as the pager (contrary to less) would cause git-dit
    search for a binary named "less -R", resulting in an error.



  • LineIteratorExt::stripped() now returns an iterator which also strips
    trailing blank lines.
  • Issue::new() now returns a Result.
  • Multi-line trailers parsed by the Blocks iterator are represented as String
    TrailerValue with newlines separating the individual lines from the input.
  • trailer was promoted to a top-level module.
  • message::accumulation was moved to trailer
  • message::metadata was moved to trailer and renamed to spec.
  • MetadataSpecification was renames to TrailerSpec.
  • PairsToTrailers and DitTrailers iterator was moved to new
    trailers::iter module.
  • Trailers iterator was moved to message::block module.
  • DitTrailers is now a generic iterator adapter on top of an iterator over

Added features:

  • New TrailingBlankTrimmer for removing trailing blank lines from sequences
    of lines.
  • New StrippingIter for stripping messages of comments and unnecessary white
  • New TrailerFilter type for filtering based on trailers.
  • New ValueMatcher type for matching TrailerValues.
  • New MessagesExt convenience trait for iterators over messages. The trait
    provides accumulation functionality.
  • New MultiAccumulator trait for map-based accumulation of multiple trailers.
  • Implemented Default for TrailerValue.
  • Implemented Clone for ValueAccumulator.
  • Implemented From<Blocks> for Trailers


  • Add documentation of internals as a README.md to the sources of both the
    binary and the library.