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Polar Theme

Polar is a white-clean Jekyll theme, hence name Polar as in polar bear. This theme is implemented especially for GitHub Pages. Its offer you:

  • Content First Primary focus of this theme is to catch your audiences with the beautiful rendered content. Here are some of its strength:
    • Math & Sci Need to show some math equations? Say goodbye to plain text math when you can write complex LaTeX math equation and still get pretty displayed output thank to MathJax.
    • Data Emphasis Need to show a data table with lots of columns? This theme will not squeeze them down to the size that is hard to read. Just say the content is oversized and everything will looks nice.
    • SEO Friendly Share a post on social network? You can be sure that no one will look over it because of bad preview.
  • Minimal UI You don't get more than you really need.
    • Responsive Design Theme will be renderd to fit on the screen, no matter how large or small.
    • Small Footprint No huge CSS or JS framework to slowdown loading time, thanks to CSS3 Flexbox (and sorry IE10 users).
  • Easy to Customize You don't need to be an expert in CSS or understand Jekyll engine to customize this theme.
    • Color Don't like default color and have no idea on how to mix and match? No problem since you can supply as minimal as 2 main colors and let this theme figure out the rest.
    • Font Thaks Google Fonts for the CDN. Now go there and grap your favorite one to use here!

This theme would not be shaped like this without the grand inspirations from:

  • Skeleton for how to make use of fonts and spaces.
  • Tufte CSS for what is a beautiful rendered content.
  • Jekyll Now for guide on how to place surrounding UI.
  • Amplify for how fast a web should be!


Development Branches Explained

Since my intention is to keep this project as small as possible, only 2 branches should be necessary.

  • Master This branch contain only theme code. You can clone it and start fill in your blog content from there. The README file is also omitted from this branch since I beleive everyone should write this file as greating page for your GitHub repository.
  • GH-Pages This branch contain sample content and document. It also served as demo web on https://neizod.github.io/polar.