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A small Trading Card Game Application
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A very basic automated Trading Card Game Application written in PHP. miniTCG is using Bootstrap 4 for styling and FontAwesome for icons.

(Because of the DSGVO you should consider hosting Bootstrap and the FontAwesome iconfont yourself!)

Note that this is a german project, so files will contain mostly german text elements! If you are interested in an english translation, please let me know.

The Application is still under development!

How to setup

  • Go to inc/constants.php and set the constants for the App. See comments in the file for details.
  • Upload everything to your webspace using a FTP programm.
  • Run
  • Now you should be able to login using the default Admin account.
  • Visit the administration area (or click the link on the bottom) and change the Application settings to your liking.
  • Delete the setup folder!

Current Features

  • Login System
    • Sign Up
    • Sign In
    • Sign Out
  • Admin Panel
    • manage Decks incl. file upload
    • manage Cardupdates
    • manage Level
    • manage News
    • manage Categories (and Subcategories)
    • manage TCG Settings (like size of decks)
    • manage Rights for each Member
    • give Random Cards to Members
    • edit Member data
    • delete Accounts
  • Public Functions
    • Homepage
    • display News
    • Deck list
    • Member list
    • display online Members
  • Member Functions
    • view Decks
    • Messages (Inbox)
    • manage Cards
    • master Decks
    • take Cards from Updates
    • Tradelog
    • edit Member data (+ Password change)
    • make Trade offers
    • respond to Trade offers
    • delete Account
    • automated Level Ups

Features TBA

  • enable messaging between members
  • admins can reset passwords
  • add activation codes into registration process


  • Carina Patzina - Initial work - NekoCari
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