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An automated Trading Card Game Application written in PHP, covering most of the basics. This type of TCG is not meant to play with the cards, but to collect and trade them. miniTCG is using Bootstrap 5 for styling and FontAwesome for icons.

(Currently Bootstrap is included using a CDN. Because of the DSGVO in Germany you should consider hosting Bootstrap yourself!)

Note, that this startet as an all german project, so you might stumble upon some german text elements in the code! But it should be mostly english by now and the views are being translated as well, with options to add in other languages in the future.

Table of contents

How to setup
How to use
Current Features
Features TBA
Used Libs & Co.
Special Thanks


lowest tested specs:

  • PHP 7.4
  • MariaDB 10.3.38

How to setup

  • open config/constants.php and update it with your information
  • upload all files via ftp to your server
  • open browser and go to your miniTCG installation /setup/setup.php
  • follow the instructions
  • delete the setup folder
  • login and head to administration -> settings first to customize the application
  • look through all the other options and customize the app even more. :)

How to use

Some general topics will be explained on the (github wiki). If you got further questions don't hesitate to ask!

Current Features

  • public functions
    • responsive basic design
    • language switch automatic
      • according to browser settings if translation exists
    • homepage
    • view news
    • deck list
    • member list
    • display online members
  • login system
    • sign up
    • sign in
    • sign out
    • activation codes via mail
    • reset password
  • administration
    • manage news
      • connect updates to them
    • manage members
      • search
      • manage rights
      • gift random cards
      • gift money
      • edit profil data
      • upload membercard images
      • reset passwords
      • delete accounts
    • manage decks
      • create (with file upload)
      • edit data
      • manage card updates
    • manage games
      • change game settings
      • manage lucky games (options + results)
      • add new lucky games (no coding required)
      • add new game settings for custom games
    • manage application
      • main categories and subcategories
      • level incl. fileupload for badges
      • deck types
        • create, edit, delete individual types
        • change deck sizes
        • change image sizes
        • change filler type and image paths
        • create and edit html templates from within the app
      • card manager categories
        • rename, create or delete them
        • set what's visible in member profil
        • etc.
      • pages
        • simple edit function for files in "pages" folder
      • general settings
        • card folder path
        • design theme folder
        • currency
        • shop
        • etc.
      • manage routing
      • SQL import option for later updates
  • member functions
    • view decks (may also be made public)
      • put deck on wishlist
    • vote for upcoming decks
    • view member profils (may also be made public)
      • make trade offers
        • info for each offerable card if it's usefull
    • manage cards
      • pre selection keep/collect
      • highlighting keep/collect/wish/mastered
      • master decks
      • search link for missing collect cards
    • manage trade offers
      • reply to recieved offers
      • withdraw made offers
    • messages
      • write
      • inbox
      • outbox
    • view master cards
      • sort by date or deck name
    • take cards from updates
    • play games
      • 6 simple games included
    • buy cards from a shop
    • search for cards
    • tradelog
    • automated level ups
    • edit own data
      • profil data
      • language and timezone settings
      • change password
    • delete account

Features TBA

  • tagging on decks
  • allow comments on news
  • add reset option for shop
  • add individualization for handing out update cards

Used Libs & Co.

Parsedown by erusev on GitHub
Bootstrap v5.3.0-alpha3 FontAwesome 5.15.3


  • Carina Patzina - Initial work - NekoCari

Special Thanks

Goes to Maron for first testing!
And Kasuna who was planning on using it