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Mostly usability work on Pitivi's user interface. Don't base yourself on this repo, use instead!
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bin bin: Set GST_PRESET_PATH in pitivi-git-environment
common @ 888e0a2 Revert "Update Simplified Chinese translation."
data Fix the modality of the Welcome/Startup assistant
docs docs/release: Correct the tarball download URLs
help Fixed typo in translation filename
m4 Port Pitivi to Python 3
pitivi mediafilespreviewer: When the preview ends, set player state to PAUSED
po Updated Portuguese translation
tests tests: Port to standard unittest.mock
.arcconfig Update .arcconfig
.gitignore Add prebuilt/ to gitignore
.gitmodules Use gstreamer common submodule now that they've switched
AUTHORS Correct the list of maintainers
COPYING Rename PiTiVi to Pitivi
MAINTAINERS Releasing Pitivi 0.91 "Charming Defects" Port Pitivi to Python 3
NEWS Releasing Pitivi 0.95 "Enfant suisse"
README Rename PiTiVi to Pitivi
RELEASE Releasing Pitivi 0.95 "Enfant suisse" Port Pitivi to Python 3 Releasing Pitivi 0.95 "Enfant suisse" * ABOUT-NLS: * ABOUT-NLS: * ABOUT-NLS:
pitivi.doap Correct the list of maintainers
pitivi.xml Rename PiTiVi to Pitivi
pre-commit.hook Encourage developers to use autopep8


Pitivi is a video editor built upon the GStreamer Editing Services.
It aims to be an intuitive and flexible application
that can appeal to newbies and professionals alike.

For the list of dependencies, look at pitivi/
- "Hard" dependencies are required for Pitivi to function properly
- "Soft" dependencies are recommended for an optimal user experience
  (packagers should add them as recommended or required packages).

Your involvement is what keeps this project moving forward.
See the "contributing" section of to get started.
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