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Checklist for (pre)-releases
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Note on version numbers:
* Releases are X.YY
* Bugfix releases are X.YY.Z where Z is a relatively small number (1, 2, 3...)
* Pre-releases (right before a major release) are X.YY.ZZ where ZZ = 91, 92, ...
* 'make check' passes
* 'make distcheck' passes
* Do a test installation and make sure all files are properly dist-ed/install-ed
* No 'blocker' bugs against the upcoming release in bugzilla
* Bump nano number up in (ex: 0.15.91 -> 0.15.92)
* Re-autogen
* Make sure pre-requisites are still valid
* Commit
* Generate the complete ChangeLog file:
* docs/ > ChangeLog
Releases (major or bugfixes):
* Bump minor number up in and remove the nano (ex: 0.15.92 -> 0.16)
* Re-autogen
* Make sure pre-requisites are still valid
* Update the following files:
* add new release as current
* ChangeLog (see the instructions in the previous section)
* RELEASE. To get the list of contributors,
* 'git shortlog -s -n RELEASE-<previoustag>..'
* NEWS (Using the changes from RELEASE)
* AUTHORS (if there are new contributors)
* Commit
* git tag -a RELEASE-X_YY_Z # For major releases, Z = 0
* Use git push --tags to ensure the tags are published on the remote
Publishing (for both releases and pre-releases):
* 'make distcheck' again to get the tarball
* 'scp pitivi-X.YY.ZZ.tar.bz2'
* On, run 'ftpadmin install pitivi-X.YY.ZZ.tar.bz2'.
The tarball will appear on
* Send out an announcement mail to:
* (requesting translations update)
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