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This AutoHotkey script will give you configurable, scheduled updates to your Yanfly Engine Plugins (YEP) projects.


YEP Auto-Update uses 7-Zip's or WinRAR's CLI to extract Yanfly's YEP .rar, so please ensure that you have one of them installed. Also, since I'm assuming that you've installed 7-Zip/WinRAR fully, the YEP Auto-Update expects 7z.exe or unrar.exe to be accessible from the current working directory (in other words, you should make sure 7-Zip/WinRAR gets a PATH entry). However, settings in the config.ini can be altered to allow for full paths to these tools if needed.

7-zip's Download Page

Note: If you do not use 7-Zip (recommended) or WinRAR, you may need to do the legwork of finding out what your own commands would be, but I would think with a few small edits to the extraction commands, you can get this to work with just about any archive manager.

###Loose Script

To install the YEP Auto-Update via the loose AHK script:

  1. Download and install AutoHotkey from https://autohotkey.com/
  2. Download the yep_autoupdate.ahk and yep_yanfly.ico files above (or just download the entire repo).
  3. Double-click the yep_autoupdate.ahk file from your wherever you decided to download it.


There is no real installation for the compiled YEP Auto-Update.

  1. Navigate to the /bin/ folder above.
  2. Download your processor-appropriate version (32/64-bit).
  3. Run the .exe


The first time you run the application or script a yep_dirs.txt file is created in the same folder as the application or script unless it's being ran in a way that changes its current working directory (heavily not recommended).

If you are running the YEP Auto-Update from an RVVM's project root and that's the only project you're interested in keeping up-to-date, there's nothing more to do with the yep_dirs.txt.

If you are not running the YEP Auto-Update from an RVVM's project root, you should immediately add your projects to the yep_dirs.txt by either editing the file directly (there is a menu option to help), or through the Add Project Directory menu option, and navigating to your project's root with a handy-dandy visual dialog.

The yep_dirs.txt file is a line-delimited list of project roots to extract the YEP to. A sample of this file might look something like:


Note: The yep entry is there to keep a copy of the js/plugins changes made, so that a new project installation can be made simpler by copying and pasting the contents of this yep folder. This is only an example though, and is not needed by any means.


Now that you have the YEP Auto-Update running, here is a basic usage guide to help answer any questions you might have.

First off, everything you do to interact with the YEP Auto-Update application or script will begin by right-clicking your shiny new Yanfly icon in your system tray. From there you should see something similar to the images below (not accounting for features/changes added since these screenshots were made):

YEP Auto-Update: Intervals YEP Auto-Update: Notifications YEP Auto-Update: Extraction YEP Auto-Update: Links

Here are the explanations of what you see here:

  • Manually Update YEP - This will perform an update check at your discretion. You can also get this by pressing WIN+Y.
  • Force YEP Update - This will force an update regardless of whether you have the latest YEP scripts .rar or not.
  • Enable YEP Auto-Update - This toggle will enable or disable whether your updates will come automatically.
  • Set Update Interval - Here you can adjust the frequency of update checks. Sadly, only Yanfly can adjust the frequency of updates. ;)
  • Notifications - These two options control what message pop-ups you receive. You can turn either off to suit your needs (or both for the silent treatment).
  • Add Project Directory - This will open a visual directory selection dialog. Navigate to your project's root folder and then confirm.
  • Edit Project Directories - This will open the yep_dirs.txt file for you to edit.
  • Edit Config File - This will open the config.ini file for you to edit.
  • Extraction Tool - These options control which archive utility you want to use. 7-Zip is fully supported, but there is an experimental option for WinRAR as well.
    Note: I do not use WinRAR myself, so if you encounter any issues with WinRAR, please let me know as soon as possible.
  • Links - These are just some links that I thought might be relevant for you. Maybe, maybe not. You really should support Yanfly though... seriously.
  • Close YEP Auto-Update - Does what it says on the tin. Click this, and the application or script will exit.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via github or email me at lance@nekoyoubi.com. If you find an issue with the YEP Auto-Update, please create an issue for it here, and I'll do my best to see it worked through.